Be the one:

The term apostle means to be sent.  Success of 12plus is dependent on a network of individuals committed to the Gospel.  In addition to financial support volunteers are needed to support the ministry.  Here is how you can help.


As an ambassador you offer your name in support of 12plus1. Ambassadors believe in this organization and advocate for this experience with professional colleagues, religious community, members of your network. The purpose would be to promote the ministry in the recruitment of participants, volunteers and donors. 

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mentor or spiritual director

Each Discovery House participant will have both a mentor/life coach and a spiritual director.  The purpose is to help the participant grow as a person and seek how God is a part of their experience.  Both roles involve a monthly commitment.  Since these positions play an essential role in this experience those interested should have background in this type of ministry and would go through a selection process. 


As we put together a house for 4-9 participants we anticipate that we could need help in the following areas:

  • Interior Design

  • Painting

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Dry-wall

  • Art

  • Maintenance/repair

  • Small engine


Volunteers will pray together each week.  Prayer planning would help them design, develop and facilitate a prayer experience for their community.



Assistance in needed in administrating this ministry.  Volunteers could serve on one of the following committees:

  • Program/Content: we identify objectives, design and facilitate formation, orientation sessions. This committee also establishes guidelines for participants

  • Internal: The committee focused on internal issues provides insight and wisdom on issues such as housing, finances, budgeting, and personnel.

  • External: The committee focused on external issues focuses on marketing and fund-raising.

Participants in these committees would participate in a selection process.

Build the foundation

Build the foundation