Joe Nettesheim

Joe has been involved in Church ministry for over twenty five years.  The past six he served as the Executive Director of Inspirio Youth Ministries, Inc.  He has experience in immersion experiences being part of the team that created and facilitated Reach Out/Reach In, a summer service camp for youth in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, directed the Global Youth Mission, created a parish based family mission experience to Kentucky and assisted in the creation of Revolution of the Heart for Inspirio. 


  • Mary Jo Gerlach, Public Health Nurse, Retired
  • Jason Gonzalez, Director 4D Sobriety, Director of Faith Formation Pius XI High School, Milwaukee
  • Elizabeth Melendez- Jop, Director of Christian Formation, St. Roman Catholic Church
  • Maribeth Nettesheim, K5 Teacher, Ronald Reagan Elementary
  • Maureen Rotramel, Director of Youth Ministry St. John XXIII, Port Washington
  • Julie Trzebiatowski, Camp Director Shepherd Folds Ranch, Avant, Oklahoma


  • Larry Schmidt, Owner, Lakeland Supply
  • Chad Griesel, Director of Adult Formation, Three Holy Women
  • Deacon Steve Pzedpelski, Director, Franciscan Peacemakers, Milwaukee

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