Joe Nettesheim

Joe has been involved in Church ministry and Non-profit organizations for over twenty five years.  He has experience in leadership training, personnel issues, and the creation/implementation of service immersion experiences. He was part of the team that created and facilitated Reach Out/Reach In, a summer service camp for youth in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, directed the Global Youth Mission, created a parish based family mission experience and assisted in the creation of Revolution of the Heart for Inspirio. 


  • Mary Jo Gerlach, Public Health Nurse, Retired

  • Jason Gonzalez, CEO, 4D Sobriety

  • Elizabeth Melendez- Jop, Director of Christian Formation, St. Roman Catholic Church

  • Maribeth Nettesheim, K5 Teacher, Ronald Reagan Elementary

  • Maureen Rotramel, Director of Youth Ministry St. John XXIII, Port Washington

  • Julie Trzebiatowski, Camp Director Shepherd Folds Ranch, Avant, Oklahoma



  • Larry Schmidt, Owner, Lakeland Supply

  • Chad Griesel, Director of Adult Formation, Three Holy Women

  • Deacon Steve Pzedpelski, Director, Franciscan Peacemakers, Milwaukee


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