Find Your Passion!

This report by NBC News tells us

  • 40% of students who enter a four year college will NOT complete their degree within 4 years. 
  • 30% end up in jobs that do not need a four year degree
  • 28% of Associate Degrees end up making more money than jobs with a four year degree. 

The decision to go to college after high school or to take time off not about the value of education.  It is about the path to finding one's purpose.  At Discovery House our goals are to: 

  • Help participants recognize their strengths while making a positive contribution through community service.
  • Identify their hopes and dreams so that they can select a college and career that allow them to set and fulfill life goals. 
  • Gain life experience that will empower them to resolve conflict, communicate, adapt to ever changing situations and understand the complexity of life.
  • Develop a healthy understanding of God.

The results of a gap year can be astounding once a student does go to college. 


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