You have a big, noble purpose that could change the world.  Yet often non-profit organizations do not have the resources to initiate, promote or implement programs which can elevate your success.  Now is the time to take a step forward by collaborating with 12plus1.  Through 12plus1 you will receive a ten-month volunteer to support your mission.  These individuals will be enthusiastic, competent and chosen through a competitive selection process. They can help you in programming, marketing/communications, administration, fundraising or event planning.  In addition to the guidance provided by you, the service site, volunteers will participate in a weekly formation day and be provided a mentor to help them grow their skills.  As a service site you will receive:

  • A volunteer for 32 hours (ages 18-24) or 4 hours (ages 21+)  for one, five or ten months.
  • Assistance in developing a job description for the role.
  • Collaboration in selecting the individual.
  • Goal setting and performance evaluation of the apprentice.



Organizations interested in being a part of 12plus1 should be prepared to:

  • Pay a stipend to 12plus1- scale is below.
  • Create a brief description of the position needed and assist in the promotion of the position.
  • Allow a web link to their website to be displayed on 12plus1 website.
  • Provide a detailed job description, with clear tasks and goals.
  • Participate in the selection process particularly interviews.
  • Have an on-site supervisor for the intern and a consistent contact person for 12plus1.
  • Provide practical support and resources (such as office supplies, desk, computer or other tools necessary) that will enable the apprentice to attain their goals.
  • Offer an orientation process for the apprentice at the start of their service.
  • Participate in a 360 evaluation process for the intern three times a year.
  • Include the intern in appropriate level staff meetings.
  • Create a professional work environment and culture that nurtures an excellent work experience.  




A volunteer would serve your organization for ten months.  Participants will begin August and end mid-May.  Service sites would participate in the selection process of the intern. 


Just Work: 

  • 4 hour volunteer = $1000
  • 8 hour volunteer = $2000

Discovery House: 

  • one month volunteer =         $1000
  • Semester long volunteer =     $5000
  • Ten Month volunteer =         $10,000

Cost helps cover the costs associated with housing, feeding and providing a formation experience for the participants.


Contact 12plus1 to explore if participation is right for your organization.