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Whether you are seeking a new beginning, discerning your future or hoping to make a difference, 12plus1 offers a life changing experience.  The adventure comes from entering into the lives of others, as well as exploring the depths of your own identity.  Through service, community and reflection you will emerge a different person.  You will become a person who possesses a deeper self awareness, a rich understanding of others and knowledge of what you can contribute to the world.  You will be prepared for whatever comes next.  Residential participants will receive:

  • Room and Board
  • Food
  • Formation Program
  • Mentor



If you are interested in being a part of a 12plus1 program you should have the following experience and characteristics:

  • Fit the age group for the program you apply
  • Heart of a servant- demonstrated through past service experiences
  • Willingness to being immersed in the lives of people who may be different than you
  • Openness to learning about yourself, those you serve and those in community with you
  • Ability to live simply and in community
  • Demonstrate reliability, responsibility and a strong work-ethic through previous commitments.
  • Positive attitude
  • Persistence to navigate challenges
  • Desire to fully participate in formation opportunities  



Members of Discovery House will live in a house in Milwaukee.  A house coordinator will also live with the community of no more than eight co-ed participants.  The accommodations will be simple and emphasize safety. 



    Participants will have simple accommodations.  The priority will be on being community which could mean that individual needs will have to be moderated.  Sharing bedrooms and bathroom should be an expectation. Use of cell phones, WIFI, computers, and television may be limited.   Each person will have responsibilities to ensure that your community will thrive.  Examples are:  budget, shopping, vacuuming, cleaning, mowing the lawn, gardening, snow-shoveling. 

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    Discussion, reflection and learning about the issues you encounter at your service site is an essential and non-negotiable aspect of the experience.  One day each week will be dedicated to formation.  Prayer will be a regular expectation and part of community life.


    Service Sites

    Discovery House participants commit to 32 hours of service each week for ten months.  Just Work participants commit to four hours of service each week.  While service sites may change the general areas of service provided would be in the areas of: Homeless Shelters, Meal Programs, Churches, Health-Care Agencies, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Agencies, Domestic Abuse/Violence Prevention, Prostitution or Human Trafficking, Food Pantry, Home Rehabilitation, Prison or Jail Ministry.  Your service work could be in programming, administration, communication/marketing and fundraising.  Tasks are determined by the site.  Current sites are:



    All rules and expectations of participants are to be followed.  Failure to do so could result in dismissal from the program. 



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    Participants apply for the program of their choice and the service site that fits their talents and interest.  A selection process involves completing an application, submitting a resume, a video essay of two minutes or less,  a discernment weekend (residential participants) letters of support and interviews.  Applications are being accepted.  There is a rolling admission until all spaces are filled.



    Cost should never be a detriment to interest or participation.  12plus1 will do whatever we are able to make sure that this experience is available to any qualified individual who wants to serve. 

    Just Work                 $200

    Discovery House      

    • 4 Week Summer Session         $400
    • Semester Program                   $2000
    • Full Year (10-months)            $4000



    Applications are currently being accepted for 2019 programs.  This is a rolling selection process so applications will be accepted until all spaces are filled. Program timelines:

    ·       4- week summer session (June 19, 2019- July 20, 2019)

    ·       Full Year (10-month commitment; July 31, 2019- May 2020)

    ·       Semester (5-month commitment; Aug to Dec or Jan to May, 2020)