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Inspired by the Gospel and called to social justice, 12plus1 develops servant leaders who embrace a shared humanity and live as apostles through service, community, faith and love.

Discovery House brings together service and faith. We wholeheartedly embrace Matthew 25. Jesus is seen in the face of those who are hungry, thirsty, the stranger, naked, sick and in prison. Doing service we express our faith, but also grow in faith by meeting Christ.

This 12plus1 experience is focused on growing one’s understanding of self, discerning one’s gifts and finding God. Opportunities to reflect on your experience occur through:

  • Regular community prayer

  • Weekly reflection days

  • Monthly spiritual direction

  • Discussion about faith and spirituality

  • Quiet and personal reflection

One day each week will be an opportunity to process our experiences, look for direction from the Gospels and Social Justice Teachings and seek how we can advocate for justice.

The Faith Tradition of 12plus1

Most of the 12plus1 team are Roman Catholic, however we welcome all denominations and faith traditions. Diversity of faith is viewed as a blessing. It is not necessary for participants to have a specific belief, however they must be open to prayer, reflection sessions, discussions about God, faith and have a willingness to search for the presence of God in this opportunity.


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