As a donor to 12plus1, you are creating a legacy which will ripple throughout the community. A generous gift to 12plus1 will impact:    

those seeking their vocation


Most of the participants in 12plus1 are in transition.  Regardless of age, they are discerning where God is calling them by serving others.  Your support provides the support these servants need to give of themselves to others and allow God to transform them.  Your gift will help provide:

  • Formation sessions
  • Room and Board
  • Food
  • Transportation to their service site
  • A small stipend for residential participants
  • Educational Scholarship for eligible participants

The poor and vulnerable

poor children.jpg

Through 12plus1 you can support many causes and non-profit organizations and Churches.  12plus1 interns provide a crucial service that will assist in advancing their mission in a way that they may otherwise be unable to afford.  Your gift will impact those imprisoned, the prostitute, those wounded by human sex trafficking, the addict, the hungry, abused, uneducated, sick, children and elderly.  These are the organizations currently partnering with 12plus1:

servant leaders working for justice


12plus1 is focused on providing opportunities for participants to experience Jesus through those they serve (Matthew 25:31-46)  They will become servant leaders through their hands on service experience, formation days, communal living, prayer, discussion and spiritual direction.  It is our goal to form disciples whose belief in Jesus compels them to act with love, accompany others, offer compassion, healing, forgiveness and strive for justice.  Their faith will be one of action.  Your support will play a significant role in creating a cadre of active disciples changing the world around them. 

those who long for unity


Our society has become more divided.  We are called to be one.  Support for 12plus1 allows participants to build relationships with those different from them.  Mutual sharing and exchange will bridge the gap and bring healing for racial, socio-economic, and religious divisions.  12plus1 will promote acceptance, tolerance and harmony.  In addition those who live in solidarity with the most poor and vulnerable will become their greatest advocates and bring others into unity.