Be PART OF An intentional christian community

Make lifelong friends by living in an intentional Christian community with three to seven others, in simple, safe and co-ed accommodations in Milwaukee, WI. Charity begins at home, and there are so many opportunities to serve in Milwaukee: from homeless shelters to alcohol and drug abuse agencies and much more. 

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Plus you will be part of a diverse community. Together the members will establish a system of care through listening and support. The group be responsible for the community by shopping, cleaning, budgeting, making meals, mowing the lawn, shoveling snow and other tasks as needed. As an intentional community each day will involve prayer, common meal and an opportunity to process their day.

Living in community is an opportunity to be challenged by having to:

  • share,

  • accept others,

  • be open,

  • compromise,

  • resolve conflict,

  • forgive and

  • love.

Housing includes room, board and a modest monthly stipend.


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