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Discovery House is a life changing, service and faith-based gap experience in Milwaukee, WI for individuals age 18-24. As a full-time, volunteer intern at a non-profit serving the poor you will provide direct service, live in community, and have a weekly reflection day to process your experience. Here is why you should choose Discovery House:

  • Flexible Program Options

    There is no one size fits all solution. Select a summer, semester or year long experience.

  • Affordable

    You are asked to help fundraise a portion of support for your participation in 12plus1.

  • Life-changing

    During your time at 12plus1 you will have an adventure as you have a transformative life experience. You will expand your understanding of the issues facing those who are poor and vulnerable, grow as a leader, make lifelong friends, discern your professional and academic future, and develop skills employers value.

  • Explore Your Relationship with God

    Find God through service and living in community.


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a transformative gap year is purposeful and practical, involving . . . service to others; it takes students out of their comfort zone, challenging them to learn new skills and try on new perspectives; it offers . . . autonomy and mentoring to build self-confidence and a sense of purpose;